Microseismic Data Analysis and Program Design

Microseismic data acquisition and analysis is an emerging and fast-evolving science.  Our approach begins with reviewing the objectives for the microseismic monitoring in order to tailor the job and the interpretation to fit the operator’s needs.  Clients may be interested in optimization of well spacing, estimation of stimulated reservoir volume, estimation of hydraulic frac height, presence of critically-stressed natural fractures, sealing and non-sealing faults, natural fracture intensity, effective stress, etc.  Lago’s objective is to get the most value for our clients, while using state of the art concepts and technology.  We carefully monitor and QC the acquisition and the processing - paying careful attention to the velocity model being employed.  Our approach is to work closely with client engineering and geoscience teams while integrating geology, seismic attributes, petrophysical data, geomechanics studies, treatment data, and any available production and pressure data.