Stratigraphy / Sedimentology 

Through project experience around the world, Lago is uniquely qualified to perform stratigraphic and sedimentological interpretations in virtually any depositional setting.  This includes detailed core descriptions for determination of depositional environments, reservoir facies, key sequence stratigraphic surfaces, and diagenetic history; detailed sequence stratigraphic correlations integrated with sedimentology, structural geology and seismic interpretation; and critical factors in productivity via integration with reservoir engineering. 

With our strengths in a variety of technical disciplines, Lago personnel are cross-trained in multiple geophysical, petrophysical and geological disciplines, so that we produce geologically sound and meaningful interpretations.  On every project, we work to integrate these interpretations as control on our seismic attribute, inversion, and sweetspotanalyses.  Translating these studies into 3D stochastic (or deterministic) models requires an understanding of depositional environments, depositional geometries for both reservoir and non-reservoir facies, and of course, sequence stratigraphic context.  We are also highly experienced in the proper upscaling of complex stratigraphy into meaningful fluid flow units for dynamic reservoir simulation models.  

Lago also has extensive experience in the integration of pyrolysis and other geochemical analyses, along with vitrinitereflectance, burial / maturation histories, and pressure data to help predict sweetspots in unconventional shale plays.  When combined with seismic attributes and seismic inversion, this information can be extremely beneficial in both the exploration and exploitation stages of unconventional reservoirs.