Such complex work requires sophisticated tools. Our ability to accurately and efficiently complete a detailed structural interpretation is a result of Lago’s investment in industry-standard software packages including

·         Landmark Decisionspace Desktop - Seismic Interpretation, 3D Visualization, GIS Data Analysis

·         Landmark R5000 - Integrated Suite of OpenWorks, StratWorks, SeisWorks, and ZMap

·         Transform TerraSuite -  Attribute Generation, Microseismic Interpretation

·         Hampson-Russell - Wavelet Extraction, AVO Analysis, and Seismic Inversion

·         I.H.S. Kingdom / Petra Suite – Seismic Interpretation, Seismic Attributes, Mapping, Cross-Sections

·         ResDip Systems RDA – Statistical Curvature Analysis for Dipmeter and Image Log Data


Data Server - Dell PowerEdge T610 Server, 2.66GHz, 1333MHz Processor, 12 GByte Memory, RAID 5, Four 2-TByte Hard Drives, Redundant Power Supply